About Us


We are a student-run and student-centered organization at FIU. Our membership is made up of undergraduate and graduate students from all disciplines. We are nationally accredited by the National Society of Physics Students and university-supported (we’d like to think our professors actually like us). We welcome all physics enthusiasts! Everyone here is thirsty for knowledge, science, progress, and all things of a nerdy caliber (or any linear combination of the above).

Benefits of Joining SPS!

We believe it is important to be part of a supportive community with like minded individuals. We strive to create a sustainable environment on which our members can professionally, academically, and socially thrive. The following is a list of ways we accomplish this:

  • We host/attend a myriad of events, featuring cool/interesting/sometimes dangerous science/tech experiments and demonstrations.
  • We actively inform of  opportunities to achieve academic success such as internships, scholarships, grants, conferences, etc.
  • We advocate for you, the student, in case you need a voice to represent you on campus. For example talking to professors, asking for funds for a project or conference, etc.
  • We help you get through many obstacles that an undergraduate degree presents, by providing you with resources, mentors, tutoring, and advice.
  • We are proud to say that we have members that have succeeded at international physics competitions, internships, conferences, and have gone on to elite graduate schools including MIT.
  • Free food is likely to be present at our events.